Pantone's 2018 Colour of the Year is a vibrant purple, Ultra Violet. The shocking shade is already asserting itself in fashion magazines, home decor, interior design, and of course, the floral industry. The Pantone Colour Institute is a consulting service within Pantone that forecasts global colour trends and advises companies on how integrate on-trend colours into their brand identity, product development, and design strategy. This year, they've alluded to Ultra Violet being the hue of the year, with other similar shades of purple riding its coattails.

Pantone describes Ultra Violet as a "dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade... communicating originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future." They say that the colour is meant to be complex and contemplative, comparing the colour to the night sky that reminds us each day that there is a vast universe out there far beyond our own world.

Ultra Violet is a purple that has often been attributed to counterculture and artistic brilliance. It's a deep colour that encourages creativity, mindfulness, and the ability to add a vibrant pop to any room or outfit.

The big question left remaining is, how can you integrate this vibrant colour into your floral choices? Lavender is a great way to add some subtle purple to a bouquet, while African Violets would provide a more obvious splash of the sought after purple.

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