Easter Lily

Easter is full of many customs that come from both Christianity and the traditions of old, namely the celebration of Austera. Generally, we think about brightly coloured eggs and hopping bunnies, borrowed from the celebrations of antiquity. But we also think of flowers. Flowers symbolize aspects of the celebration of Easter including fertility, new life, and growth.

Their bright colours bring warmth, radiance, and cheer into the house during the springtime. When Easter rolls round these same flowers showcase the important aspects of the holiday, fertility, abundance, and renewal. The aromatic spring flowers exude a delicate fragrance that provide a calming aura during your family celebrations. Azaleas, red tulips, playful daisies and of course, the Easter Lily create beautiful arrangements perfect for Easter.

But, what is the meaning behind these flowers?

White Easter Lillies

Easter lilies, especially the white ones, signify the more religious aspects of the Easter celebration. They are supposed to symbolize resurrection, purity, hope, and grace. They are an Easter favourite as they symbolize the true meaning behind the holiday.

These beautiful flowers are available in many vivid colours and give off a delicate fragrance. They will add character to any floral arrangement on your Sunday dinner table. Azaleas are not only beautiful, but signify fragility, temperance, and passion.

A favourite spring flower, Tulips signify the turn of the season. We imagine them blossoming en masse in massive, colourful fields ready to be plucked for spring arrangements. For your Easter arrangement, Tulips symbolize love, passion, and belief.


Daisies will always give off a young and playful vibe. They are the flowers of our childhood. Unsurprisingly, they symbolize innocence and loyalty, along with purity and gentleness.

Easter is a great opportunity to welcome spring into your household with bright colours and fragrant flowers. Above are only some of the flowers that you can use to create a dynamic arrangement for your Sunday Dinner.

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