Mother’s Day is one of the largest holidays in the floral industry. Everyone wants to make sure their mother feels pampered and spoiled on their special day in May and over 67% of people choose flowers. In fact, in 2015 $2.4 Billion was spent on Floral Arrangements with the average person spending around $130.00 on their mothers.

But why flowers?

Happy Mother's Day Flower Arrangement

The holiday was started in 1905 the day that Anna Reeves Jarvis died. Jarvis was the primary campaigner for the actual holiday, as well as fighting for more sanitary birthing conditions. Her efforts not only spurred on a holiday devoted to motherhood, but lower infant mortality rates in the 1850’s. The holiday was officially observed in 1914, thanks to President Woodrow Wilson. Flowers are often used to symbolize life and fertility, both are gifts that we received from our mothers.

Here are some common flowers that are offered up on Mother’s Day and the symbolism behind their appearance:


These flowers have even more meaning and could be considered as the unofficial flower of Mother’s Day. Anna herself sent 500 white carnations to her local church for the mothers there in attendance. These flowers stand for faith, purity, love, beauty, and charity. All characteristics we often attribute to our mothers.

Gerbera Daisies

With their bright faces and hearty petals, the Gerbera Daisy is perfect for the mother who always has a smile on her face. While it’s not a traditional option, this daisy radiates happiness, innocence, and playfulness. They are sure to add a cheery vibe that stems from their welcoming appearance.

These beautiful, vibrant flowers are perfect for the easy-going mother. They create a comforting and cozy atmosphere, that is perfect for the home.

Bold colours and a delicate fragrance make these flowers the symbol of womanhood across the world. Azaleas also have a strong association with love, whether it’s romantic or the kind you have for your mother. Either way, these blooms are sure to impress.

While they aren’t a traditional choice, there are calm and soothing traits from these spring flowers. Blooming in April and May, Bluebells have perfect timing. They can add humility and constancy to any Mother’s Day arrangement.

No matter the flower, mothers across North America can be sure to receive a floral arrangement on their special day. Need some help trying to figure out what you should have in stock? Feel free to get in touch with us at any time during business hours by calling 1-(866)-424-9689 or use the Live Chat function in the bottom right hand corner. As well, you can always contact our general mailbox using the form on this page.

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