Christmas is over and it's time to start thinking about the springtime and the subsequent holidays that seem to roll in right after the other. Here's a quick list of the holidays you should be keeping an eye on and what flowers are going to be popular in 2018.

pink roses for valentines day

Valentines Day

This is of course, the first and most obvious holiday of the new year. It's one of the biggest floral holidays of the year and everyone is going to be looking for an obvious staple; ROSES. However, there are other flowers that you should probably be keeping on your radar. Red Carnations are always a favourite, being linked with fascination. This and their lower price tag, make them a great pick for a relationship in its early stages. Alstroemeria may not stand on their own perfectly, but these buds are a fitting selection for most bouquets as they complement other blossoms nicely. Their delicate petals represent devotion and their multiple blooms per stem help fill out a bouquet to make it look more extravagant. Of course, don't forget about red tulips. Tulips are a long-lasting cut flower, which is perfect for those who want to show their long-lasting devotion.

St. Patrick's Day

While maybe not the most popular floral holiday, there are still flowers you should consider ordering in for any Irish occasions that may spring up in your shop. The mildly fragrant Bells of Ireland have yellow and green blooms that would work perfectly next to white and yellow flowers. Speaking of white and yellow flowers, even on St. Patrick's Day you can't go wrong with roses or daffodils.


As soon as you read what holiday was next I'm sure you thought of Tulips and Easter Lilies right away. However, you can't forget about daffodils. Traditionally daffodils have been symbolic of new life and are the perfect allegory for Easter.


Quickly following Easter is Passover, and the flowers differ slightly. Considering bringing in irises or violets, along with cherry blossoms to create dynamic center pieces that can draw the attention of all guests.

Mother's Day

Flowers are one of the hands down, most popular gifts to give on Mother's Day. According to statistics, fresh flowers account for 63% of all floral sales on Mother's Day with potted plants following up with 22%. The most popular flowers for Mother's Day often include lilies, orchids, tulips, roses, irises and calla lilies. Since Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day in 1908, pink has traditionally been the colour favourite for the holiday, but brighter and bolder colours are becoming increasingly popular.

Hopefully this post has given you a few ideas and you're ready to get rolling for the spring. If you have any questions about what you should be ordering, feel free to give us a call at any time during business hours at 1-866-424-9689. You can also use our live chat function at the bottom right hand corner of the page or drop us a line in our general mailbox on the Contact Us page.

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