Wim Overbeek

Greenhouse Manager and Founder



Wim Overbeek began the business back in 1974 together with his wife Wilma. He still works daily, managing the greenhouses as well as the garden centres in the spring. Wim's dedication to instilling good work ethic and customer service has made a positive impact on both his employees and the business.

John Overbeek


1-519-424-9689 ext. 25


John Overbeek has always been a part of Floral Express. As a young boy he walked only one step behind his father, learning all aspects of the business. In 1996, he officially joined his father Wim at Floral Express. John still manages the lily sales as well as being President of Floral Express. John's drive and passion for the business keeps everything running optimally on a day-to-day basis.

Suzy Caiger

Sales and Marketing Director

1-519-424-9689 ext. 24


Suzy is the sales director and although she has not been with us from the beginning, she is a breath of fresh air with her flower knowledge and industrial expertise. Suzy has been active in the flower industry since 2002, where she owned and operated a successful flower shop. Since then she has participated in trade fairs and conferences around the world and has received numerous awards in North America for her floral work. Previously she worked as an Innovation and Design Manager for three years at Westbrook Floral, but Suzy is happy to be part of the Floral Express team and continues to build and expand the brand with her knowledge of both retail and flower industry wholesalers.