Floral Express Team Photo Greenhouse


Wim Overbeek

Greenhouse Manager and Founder



Wim Founded Floral Express in 1974 together with his wife Wilma. He still works daily, managing the greenhouses as well as the garden centres in the spring. Wim's dedication to instilling good work ethic and customer service has made a positive impact on both his employees and the business.

John Overbeek


1-519-424-9689 ext. 25


John has always been a part of Floral Express. As a young boy he walked only one step behind his father, learning all aspects of the business. In 1996, he officially joined Floral Express as President. John's drive and passion for the floral industry and his business keeps Floral Express running on a day to day basis.

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Marissa McLeod

Local Purchaser

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Gary Dykeman

Import Purchaser

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Gary is our Import Buyer, working with hundreds of farms from around the world, he has almost 40 years under his belt in the floral industry, he’s brought a wealth of knowledge to us since he started in 2010. Gary always keeps quality his top priority and uses his strong and vast networking skills to ensure top tier product for us here at Floral Express. Gary also has a white belt from LEAN Academy.

Travis Carpenter

Project Manager

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Travis is our Project & Continuous Improvement Manager. He joined us in early 2022, bringing over 10 years of Management experience. Travis also manages company wide IT and is continuously implementing new ways to better serve our customers while improving the already amazing team here at Floral Express.

Rachel Stewart

Account Manager

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Rachel has been with Floral Express since 2018, she has a glass half full attitude and loves to make meaningful connections with her customers. Rachel brings previous experience as a quality coordinator and has an engineering background.

Zara Miklenda

Sales & Marketing Account Manager

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Zara is our Sales & Marketing Account Manager, with over 15 years’ experience in the Floral Industry she brings an extensive insight into our customer’s perspective, and the everyday process of our flower shops. Zara joined the team in 2021 and manages marketing while reinforcing The Floral Express Brand.

Marjorie Klinck

Account Manager

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Marjorie is an Account Manager here at Floral Express, she joined the team in 2018 and brought her years of experience in the sales and customer service industry with her. Marjorie has a positive outlook and provides exceptional service to her clients. Marjorie is a member of our First Aid Team here at Floral Express and has a white belt from LEAN Academy.

Michelle Whiteman

Sales Development Manager

1-519-424-9689 ext 40


Michelle is our Sales Development Manager at Floral Express. She joined our team in 2022 and has 30 years of experience in customer service, sales training and development as well as business management. Michelle’s proven skill set in these areas will be an asset in supporting Floral Express’ growth and goals for the future.

Meagan McCormick

Account Manager

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Meagan has worn many hats at Floral Express, she started out in our Operations department in 2018 and made the switch to Account Manager in 2022. Meagan is extremely knowledgeable about Floral Express’s day to day operations and our products. Meagan is part of our Health & Safety team, with CPR training and carries a white and yellow belt from LEAN Training certification.

Debora Rosa

Account Manager

1-519-424-9689 ext. 45


Debora is an Account Manager here at Floral Express, she joined our team in 2022 and has over 20 years of experience in both sales and customer service. Debora may be new to the floral industry but her drive for customer satisfaction has earned her many awards for both sales and sales support.

Jan Mol

Account Manager

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Jan joined us in 2021 and has been crossed trained for many departments here at Floral Express. He is extensively well versed in all Microsoft Office programs and assists Operations with logistics. Jan has both his white and yellow belt in LEAN Training.

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William Overbeek

Operations Planning Coordinator

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William is our Operations Planning Controller and has had that title since 2018, though he has been part of the Floral Express Family his whole life following in his father John’s footsteps. He oversees the logistics of all our truck shipping, he’s also a Super User for our Software and keeps the operational process working smoothly. William is on the Health and Safety Committee and carries both a white and yellow belt in LEAN Training.

Rebecca Duhamel

Operations Supervisor

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Rebecca is our Operations Supervisor, though she’s new to her role – she’s been with us since 2018. Rebecca has a lot of experience with all aspects of Operations, she is responsible for both quality and stock control and oversees a team of up to 10 depending on the day. She is also CPR Certified and is a member of our Health and Safety Team, Rebecca also has both a white and yellow belt in LEAN Training.

Ashley Scarfe

Operations Supervisor

1-519-424-9689 ext. 51


Ashley joined the Floral Express team in 2022 with enthusiasm to learn a new career. She has been hired as the Operations Supervisor and is highly motivated to continue to learn and become an expert in her new role. She comes from 18 years of automotive production experience and is eager to use her skills to transform the Operations team into a lean and productive system. She is an advocate for continuous improvement for the members of her team as well as the efficiency of how the team works. She is a member of the Lean team and the Health and Safety team as the worker representative.

Colleen Mayhew


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Teri-Anne Pate

Office Manager/Accounting

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Teri is our Office & Accounting Manager, she joined us in 2019, with her keen attention to detail and organization skills she has kept the cleanest receivables record in Floral Express history. Teri implemented Mental Health Wellness Wednesday; she also encourages many team building activities. Teri is the Chair of our Health and Safety Committee and carries a white and yellow belt in LEAN Training.

Lesley Rebry

Receptionist/Accounting Assistant

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Lesley is our Receptionist and Accounting Assistant, and prides herself on being the first friendly face you see when you walk into our office with her upbeat and positive attitude.

Brian Pooley


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Eva Freisen

Bouquet Manager

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Case Butyn

Bouquet Supervisor

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Barry Van Ommeren

Box Crusher



Barry is our Box Crusher; he joined our team at Floral Express in 2016. He is responsible for processing all the boxes from incoming product. He comes to work with a positive, upbeat attitude always wears a big smile on his face. We are proud to have Barry on our team here at Floral Express.



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