At Floral Express, our flowers come directly from our growers and are sent out immediately to your door. With that being said, we have partnered with some of the best growers in Ontario to ensure our customers get the freshest product possible. Great examples of Canadian-grown product include Lisianthus, Snapdragons, Lillies, Gerberas, Iris and Peonies! Below, you can see some of our local growers.

We also import beautiful product from Ecuador, Colombia, Holland, and USA. For information on place of origin of our flowers, please visit In The Cooler, or reach out to your sales rep.

Virgil Greenhouse yard and building

Virgil Greenhouses

Virgil Greenhouses Ltd. was founded in 1972. Since 1989, Pim Boekestyn, alongside his wife Evelyn and children have been successfully growing freesias with care.

Inside Springvalley gardens' operations - Yellow flowers and hanging baskets.

Spring Valley Gardens

Our production consists of a wide assortment of flowering potted plants including spring bulbs, azaleas, primula, hibiscus, mums, amaryllis, and poinsettias. In addition to bedding plants and hanging baskets, we also provide plug material and cuttings to other greenhouses. In 2005 a state-of-the-art hydroponics cut tulip facility was added, where millions of stems are produced annually.

Close up shot of pink gerberas with a greenhouse in the background

Pine Ridge Gardens

Pine Ridge is a year round, Canadian cut flower grower in the Niagara region of Ontario. We grow a beautiful array of fresh, locally grown stephanotis and large and mini gerberas. We deal with many Canadian and American wholesalers to distribute our product.