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    Our Team

Photo of Wim Overbeek

Wim Overbeek - Greenhouse Manager and Founder



Wim Overbeek began the business back in 1974 together with his wife Wilma. He still works daily, managing the greenhouses as well as the garden centres in the spring. Wim's dedication to instilling good work ethic and customer service has made a positive impact on both his employees and the business.

Photo of John Overbeek

John Overbeek - President

1-519-424-9689 ext. 25


John Overbeek has always been a part of Floral Express. As a young boy he walked only one step behind his father, learning all aspects of the business. In 1996, he officially joined his father Wim at Floral Express. John still manages the lily sales as well as being President of Floral Express. John's drive and passion for the business keeps everything running optimally on a day-to-day basis.

Photo of Suzy Caiger

Suzy Caiger - Sales and Marketing Director

1-519-424-9689 ext. 24


Suzy is the Director of Sales, and although she hasn't been with us from the start, she is a breath of fresh air with her floral knowledge and industry expertise. Suzy has been in the floral industry since 2002, where she owned and operated a successful flower shop. Since then, she has attended and instructed in trade shows and conferences world wide, and won numerous accolades throughout North America for her floral work. Previously working as the Innovations and Design Manager for three years at Westbrook Floral, Suzy is happy to be a part of the Floral Express team and continues to build and expand the brand with her knowledge of both the retail and wholesale floral industry.

Photo of Kim Osmund

Kim Osmund - Human Resources Manager

1-519-424-9689 ext. 34


Kim joined our team in 2017 and has over 20 years' experience in Human Resources. As a graduate of the Human Resources Management Program at Fanshawe College, her expertise as a Generalist includes Recruitment & Retention, Policies & Procedures, Labour Relations, Compensation & Pay Equity, Health & Safety, and many more. Her approach is caring and transparent, ensuring the needs of all employees are treated with respect and confidentiality.

Photo of Gary Dykeman

Gary Dykeman - Fresh Floral Purchaser

1-519-424-9689 ext. 21


Gary Dykeman has been part of our team since 2011 as an import floral purchaser. He has over 30 years of experience in the floral industry including logistics, purchasing, sales and management. His extensive knowledge and passion for the floral industry is a huge asset to our company as we explore different avenues to provide quality, imported flowers grown around the world.

Angela Moerkerken - Assistant Purchaser and Marketing Coordinator

1-519-424-9689 ext. 31


Angela has been with the Floral Express for some time now. She originally started as a greenhouse worker, then she was a flower girl at the Floral Express flower market, and in 2018 she started working as the Assistant Purchaser and Marketing Coordinator. Angela’s vast floral knowledge and enthusiastic nature makes her a great asset to the Floral Express team!

Sales Team

Tyler Rivers - Account Manager

1-519-424-9689 ext. 43


Tyler has over 5 years of experience as a sales representative in the business world. He prides himself on integrity, respect, hard work and is looking forward to learning more about the floral industry so he can extend the best customer service possible.

Rachel Stewart - Account Manager

1-519-424-9689 ext. 45


Rachel has been in customer service and sales for 10 years. She always tries to ensure that the customer is happy, and has a cup half full attitude. She is looking forward to learning more about the floral industry, and is using her education to provide customers with the best customer service.

Christina Klarenbeek - Account Manager

1-519-424-9689 ext. 35


Christina has worked in the floral industry for over ten years as both a local grower and market retailer. She is able to relate to many of the concerns of our customers. Her eagerness to continually expand on her knowledge makes her an excellent addition to our team.

Marjorie Klinck - Account Manager

1-519-424-9689 ext. 28


Marjorie has worked many years in customer service as well as sales and is eager to gain valuable floral knowledge to service her floral customers. She has owned her own small business which will allow her to understand and relate to the needs of the Floral Express customers.

Administration Team

Photo of Pat Webb

Pat Webb - Accounting

1-519-424-9689 ext. 33


Pat Webb started as a bookkeeper for the Floral Express in 2008. She is involved in many areas of the business including Acounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Human Resources. Her years of dependability at The Floral Express have made her an appreciated and valued employee.

Operations Team

Photo of William

William Overbeek - Shipping Assistant


William is following in the footsteps of his Father and Grandfather. Even though he is in full-time school, he assists with packing and shipping during busy days and holidays and continues to learn and expand on his knowledge of the family business.